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About The Practitioner

Elizabeth Connell LCMT Florida License # MA81356

Graduated 2001 from The Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood Colorado.


Modalities practiced: Cupping Massage, Swedish, Deep Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Neuro Energetic Release, Reiki, Prenatal, and Chair massage.

I believe that massage is an incredibly important part of maintaining our health.  I wish everyone who wanted a massage could get one on a regular basis.  Massage can help support your immune system which can help you fight off illness.  Massage helps create good endorphins which can help lower depression and anxiety.  Massage helps people feel good and when people feel good, they have a better experience in their lives!  Check out more benefits by clicking HERE!!!

I am a Massage Therapist because I know first hand how healing touch can help when someone is in pain.  I have experienced the amazing benefits of having reflexology performed on my feet and it effecting an issue I had in my mouth from a major dental procedure.  90 seconds of rubbing a sore spot on my big right toe released the pain in the right side of my mouth.  It just melted away.  The therapist did the same thing on the left big toe and it only took 75 seconds before all the pain in the left side of my mouth receded.  The pain came back in about 20 minutes and he taught me how to do it to myself, and after about a week of doing the technique and each time the pain would be less and the time between it coming back got longer and longer, it all finally went away for good.  At that moment, I knew I needed to learn how to do that for other people!  I had always been the person who massaged peoples feet and backs anyway so it was a no-brainer for me to go learn how for real!!!


Along with being a LCMT, I am also a professional singer/songwriter, henna body artist, certified health coach, and essential oil educator.  You can find out more about these interests by checking out the website